Ukraine International Business Association
The UIBA is a non-profit organization dedicated to act as a bridge between Ukrainian and International businesses to help generate contact, confidence, wealth and to promote cultural and social interaction between Ukraine and the World .

This is a platform created to strengthen commercial ties and through our different events we aim to promote an exchange of experiences to become leaders in an ever changing world. Through the organization of events, seminars and talks we look for answers, to share information and to provide solutions to common problems. In 14-15 October we spent in Kyiv Horasis China Meeting www.horasis/ org, attended by over 350 business and political figures from around the world.

We offer ongoing support and cooperation of our experts to help you achieve your goals and objectives both in Ukraine and around the world. The main missions of UIBA: Promote business, investment and cultural initiatives between Ukraine and international

society. Provide a platform for information exchange, discussion of problems and communication with public organizations by organizing meetings, events, seminars, conferences and receptions
Protection of business rights and freedoms
–°onsulting assistance
Legal assistance
Accounting assistance
Interaction with public authorities,
local- selfgovernment bodies.
Study project
Business briefings
Creative space
Joint implementation of business projects
development of entrepreneurship culture
investment activities
new markets
work of expert-analytical groups
Protection of interests of foreign and Ukrainian investors at the highest state level
Promoting the cooperation of member companies and establishing close
contacts between them
Assistance to businesses in the Ukrainian market, including in the field of PR.
New contacts Networking & Community
Learning & Development
Formation of grant projects
Formation of grant applications
Grant Project Administration